Pairing Guide

Impress your dinner guests and serve the perfect partner to Cropwell Bishop cheese.

What drinks should you pair with blue cheese? Are there alternative options to the traditional Port? Cropwell Bishop Creamery’s Robin Skailes gives us his guide to pairing cheese with other foods and beverages. Watch the short videos above to find out some traditional and more unusual drinks choices that work exceptionally well with our Stilton, Beauvale and Blue Shropshire cheese.


More top tips from Robin:

Basic serving guide:

When tasting cheese, first look at the external appearance, then assess the texture and finally, taste the cheese. 

Make sure you bring cheese up to room temperature before eating (Stilton will require at least one hour, and Beauvale 30 minutes).

Place the cheese on a big plate, it's always useful to have room around the cheese to place biscuits or accompaniments.

Balance stronger cheese with heavier flavours, e.g. Stilton and Port

Plan for 30g of cheese per person, unless you're me and it's triple that!

Make sure you take a look at my cheese etiquette guide before serving.

Pairing Cropwell Bishop cheese with wine and other beverages:

Cheese Wine  Other drinks 
Blue Stilton Port or Sauternes Barley wine (ale) or most beers
Blue Shropshire    Red wine (Pinot Noir) or Orange Muscat     
Beauvale Riesling / Gewurztraminer Proper cider


Pairing Cropwell Bishop cheese with condiments:

Cheese Sweet Savoury Fruit Off piste!
Blue Stilton  English honey     Walnuts Apples      Bacon
Blue Shropshire    Quince jam Celery Pears Mango chutney
Beauvale Blueberry jam Watermelon    Figs Cranberry sauce 


There are no set rules when it comes to pairing cheese, so experiment, and if you find something special that works, I'd love to hear about it!