Beauvale is our deliciously creamy, soft blue cheese created here in the dairy.

Beauvale has been carefully developed to perfection by our very own Robin Skailes and Howard Lucas, we love its soft melt in the mouth texture and mellow flavour. Beauvale is perfect for both Stilton fans, and those of you that prefer a milder blue flavour. 

How to store
Our Beauvale should be stored in the fridge and brought up to room temperature before eating. Once opened, cover the cut surface of the cheese with cling film.

How to enjoy
Beauvale is perfect on a cheeseboard served with crackers, bread or fruit. Or tastes just as wonderful melted in pasta or on grilled meat. It makes a great addition to a salad or dressing too - the list is endless! Watch Robin pairing Beauvale with his favourite drinks here. Find recipes for Beauvale and our other cheeses here.

It's award-winning too...

Great British Food Awards - winner 2016
Our delicious Beauvale was declared the overall winner by Michelin Star chef Nathan Outlaw in the cheese category of these national artisan food and drink awards. The entries are initially short-listed based on a producer's commitment to provenance and local sourcing, before being taste-tested by a panel of top names in the British food industry.

Great Taste Award winner
Beauvale was awarded top marks in the 2015 Great Taste Awards, making it one of just 130 food products out of 10,000 judged, to gain prestigious three-star recognition. And the good news didn't end there, Beauvale was also featured in the Great Taste Top 50 Foods list, which are the award's top 50 must-try foods.